Bachelor’s Degree Opportunities

The College of Marin Nursing Program has two BSN (Baccalaureate of Science Nursing degree) collaborative pathways:

  1. Sonoma State University
  2. University of Phoenix

Sonoma State University

Program Length
  • First summer term: between the first and second year of ADN program-one 4 unit class taken
  • Second summer term following ADN graduation: one 4 unit class- Pass NCLEX
  • Fall semester: 11 units (less if you already have a bachelors)
  • Spring semester: 11 units (less if you already have a bachelors)
  • Graduation in May
Program Cost

As of Fall 2017, approx. $11,000

Attendance Requirement

95% online- only a few days that it is required to go to campus for orientations etc.

Eligibility Requirements
  1. 3.0 minimum GPA
  2. In good standing in ADN program
  3. Meet SSU and Nursing department requirements
Number of Students Admitted

6-16 students are selected every year from COM. There is a separate university application in the Fall after the first summer class. Ideally, you will have the CSU admission requirement (lower division general education) classes completed prior to the university application.

How to Apply

Visit the Nursing CAS website

University of Phoenix

Program Cost

$350 per credit unit $11,550 resource fee $170 * 11 = $1,870 = $13,420 with all books and fees

  • No hidden fees
  • Tuition locked in at $350
Attendance Requirement

100% online

Number of Students Admitted

No limit

How to Apply


Gloria Peralta
(707) 639-4316

Laura Burch
(707) 639-4302