Certificate Program/Course Options

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)

  • Enroll in FIRE 215 Advanced First Aid/First Responder, 3 units. No prerequisites.
  • Job opportunities:  Lifeguards, Police & Fire Dispatchers, and more.
  • Estimated costs:  $186 tuition/fees + $30 books/materials.

Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

  • Enroll in FIRE 112 Emergency Medical Technician I, 7 units. Prerequisite is FIRE 215 (EMR).
  • Job opportunities:  Emergency Medical Technician; EMT certification is required for advanced positions, such as Paramedic, Emergency Dept Technician, and often required for Fire and Police academies.
  • Estimated costs: $186 tuition/fees + $30 books/materials.
  • IMPORTANT: EMT students are required to complete a background and drug screening. If you fail your drug screening results you will be dropped from the program as we will be unable to place your in your 24hr hospital/ambulance experiences. 

Note: The Emergency Medical Technician Training Course certificate meets the requirements of the California Health and Safety Code for basic EMT-1 training, approved by Marin County Emergency Medical Service Agency. This is not an EMT-1 Certificate. Certification is valid for two years from the completion date and is recognized statewide. This program prepares you for the National Registry.


FIRE 120A EMT-1 Refresher A
1.5 units. Prerequisite: Current EMT-1 Certification.
Estimated cost: $113 tuition/fees + $30 books/materials.

  • Not expired: 24 hrs CE + skills
  • Expired less than 6 months: 24 hrs CE

FIRE 120B EMT-1 Refresher B
3 units, plus 4 testing hours to be arranged. Prerequisite: Current EMT-1 Certification.
Estimated cost: $186 tuition/fees + $30 books/materials.

  • Expired greater than 6 months: 36 hrs CE
  • Expired greater than 1 year: 48 hrs CE & Retake NREMT
  • Expired greater than 2 years: Retake the entire class