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Multi-Criteria 1

Does my Bachelor’s degree or Associate’s degree need to be in a specific subject to receive the points?

No, your degree can be in any subject area as long as it is from an accredited university. All Bachelor’s degrees will receive 15 points and all Associate’s degrees will receive 10 points.

Multi-Criteria 2

How do I upload official transcripts to the application, don’t they have to be sealed?

We understand that by opening the transcript it is not “official” however this is what we expect you to do for the application. Enrollment Services should have a copy on file for verification of your Petition for Substitution. What you upload is what will be used to score your application points.

Do transcripts have a recency?

No. As long as the transcripts you submit have all of your prerequisites on them.

Do I need to submit transcripts if I took all of my courses at College of Marin?

No. If all prerequisite courses were taken at COM, you do not need to upload anything.

What if I already submitted my Petition for Substitution form previously? Do I need to redo it?

No. For the Fall 2018 admissions, we are not requiring any recency of your core biology. However, come Fall 2019, a recency of 7yrs is required and the form must be updated IF any of your core biology classes are older than the 7yrs.  

What if I repeated one of the core biology (anatomy, physiology, microbiology), which grade will count?

The most recent grade attempted will be used in the GPA calculation.

What if I withdrew from one of my prerequisites?

Withdrawals will not be counted against you.

What if I repeat my English, or Chemistry?

For GPA calculations of prerequisites, the most recent grade attempted will be used in the GPA calculation.

Will high school chemistry grades count?

No. Would need to be a high school AP chemistry score to satisfy the prerequisite.

Will a high school AP scores count?

Yes. A passing high school AP score will count as a graduation requirement as well as satisfy your RN program prerequisite(s). However, it will not go into your GPA calculation. Valid AP scores, do not expire.

What grades go into the minimum GPA calculation?

The 2.5 minimum GPA is calculated using only the relevant and recent coursework.

What if I have prerequisite courses in progress in the Fall?

If enrolled in any of the prerequisite courses in the Fall, you will need to apply after grades are posted. 

There is no preference given to the order in which the applications are received.

What if I took a class that is higher than the prerequisite?

The higher class will be counted towards the prerequisite requirements, however, will not be counted in your GPA calculation. No grade will be entered for GPA 

What if I took a Core biology (anatomy, physiology or microbiology) more than 7 years ago and failed?

It will not count against you or hurt your GPA. Any courses taken more than 7years from the start of the application (November 1) will not be held against you.

When exactly do I need to have completed my core biology?

The core biology must have been completed within the past 7 years, measured from December of the current year the application opens. FOR EXAMPLE: To be eligible to apply during the upcoming application Nov 1, 2018 – Feb 1, 2019 you must have completed all core biologys no earlier than December 2011. Courses completed prior to December 2011 will not meet the recency requirement.   

Multi-Criteria 3

What if I have an I-797 Notice of Action for refugee status that is pending?

It will not be accepted. Your I-797 Notice of Action must be approved or granted in order to receive points in the multi-criteria. 

What does First Generation to attend college mean?

NCES defines First-generation students as those whose parents’ highest level of education is a high school diploma or less. In cases where parents have different levels of education, the maximum education level of either parent determines how the student is categorized. 

What if I am an active military member, will I receive points in the veteran category?

No. You must have received a Defense form DD-214 Honorable Discharge for veteran status and to receive points in the multi-criteria.

Multi-Criteria 4

I am fluent in another language but have never taken a course to show fluency because I am a native speaker. How can I receive these points?

You can submit a letter written on official letterhead from a professor or work supervisor stating that you are a fluent speaker of that language.

Multi-Criteria 5

Can I take the TEAS more than once?

No. We will only accept the first attempt within the last 365 days. If you fail your first attempt you will be required to set up a remediation plan with the Dean of Health Sciences. If you pass, you can continue to use that score until ATI introduces a new version OR you can retake the TEAS for a higher score, but only after the 365 days is up from the first attempt. 

How do I order the official ATI transcripts?

Visit the ATI Testing website and send transcripts to College of Marin.



What happens in the event of a tie in the multi-criteria admissions?

In the event of a tie, a personal statement, interview and/or lottery will be used at the discretion of the Health Sciences Department. 

What is the 90/10 rule with regards to the multi-criteria admissions?

90% of the admitted students will come from the multi-criteria =39 students 10% will be from a lottery= 4 students 

  • The RN program can accept 36 students, and an additional 7 if the COM RN program receives the enrollment grant, totaling 43 spots in the program.
  • The enrollment opportunities are subject to change dependent on priority enrollment for returning students.

Will I receive notification of the points I received?

Yes. You will be notified in your evaluation letter after the closing of the application review of all applications. Applications will not be reviewed prior to the closing of the application.