I am interested in a career in Dental Assisting, how do I get started?

Please start by reviewing the current information on the COM Dental Assisting Program on our website (URL). We also encourage all prospective students to make an appointment with a COM counselor by calling (415) 485-9432 or making an appointment online

Do I need to apply to the College of Marin and the Dental Assisting Program separately?

Yes, if you are not already a COM student (with a M00#) then you will need to apply to the college. Please visit marin.edu/apply to apply to the college. Once you have a M00#, you can apply to the Dental Assisting Program via our website by completing the online application.

What are the requirements/prerequisites for the Dental Assisting Program?

In order to be accepted into the Dental Assisting Program, students must complete the following:

  • High School Diploma, GED or equivalent
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Health Clearance Form
  • CPR/first aid certification

Do I need to have all of my prerequisites/requirements completed before applying to the program?

All of the above-listed requirements must be completed before students will be cleared to register for their Dental Assisting courses. However, students may submit their online Dental Assisting Program applications while the requirements are still in progress. Please note that preference will be given to those students who have completed all requirements, and students will not be cleared to register for courses until requirements are met.

How many students will be accepted?

24 students will be accepted each Fall into the Dental Assisting Program

Can I take individual courses in the program without applying to the program?

No, you must be enrolled in the entire program in order to take courses. Students may elect to enroll in the full-time 10-month program or the part-time 18-month program.

Is the Dental Assisting Program accredited?

The American Dental Association, Commission of Dental Accreditation, hereafter referred to as the "Commission," accredits the COM Dental Assisting Program. The Commission is a specialized accrediting agency recognized by the Council on Post Secondary Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education.

Does the program do job placement for graduates?

Not officially, but the Health Sciences Department at COM does send out frequent job openings to our students when they become available. Most graduates do not have trouble finding a job, as dental assistants are in high demand.